Monday, November 06, 2006

Miss Video Game 2006


As many of you can probably imagine, I'm pissed.

I think the requirements list alone is enough to make any real gamer puke:

"1. Must have Personality

2. Must be a female? (No wigs and makeup guys)

3. Doesn't mind Video Games :P

4. Loves the beach."

Um. Since when is LOVES THE BEACH a credit to a gamer girl's status?

I assume that the little emotiocon after number 3 means it's supposed to be some kind of joke. Luckily, that saved me from the rant I was going to make on that one, in which I was planning on blowing a blood vessel.

What this is is an excuse to get pretty girls to hold game controllers and snap vapid photos that are supposed to appeal to male geeks. It's disgusting. If I had a flamethrower, these fuckers would go up in a single blast.


Anonymous said...

See, what we should do is make our own hot girls of gaming site. With girls who, you know, actually know how to work a controller. And play games other than Dance Dance Revolution and The Sims.

Anonymous said...

"Must love the beach"

Maybe they need these women to playtest the new PS4 on the beach. This is because the PS4 is rumored to run on tidal power.

Warren Price said...

The female gamer is a valued and elusive commodity in this day and age (believe me, I know). This pageant is just a very poor attempt to capitalize on it. Sadly, it looks like it just might work. Many male gamers cannot find a significant other to share their interest, and all too often men end up settling for a girl who “doesn’t mind video games.”