Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The perfect gift for the chocobo loving.....fisherman.

Because if your husband/boyfriend/whatever likes to fish, surely he'll want to wear this very masculine hat.

I've thought it over and figured out that this hat is only for adorable femme gamer lesbians or men brave enough to admit chocobos make them squeak with delight. It's been bid on once, so there must be at least one of these two rare breeds out there.

Speaking of FF loot, where's the figurines from 12? I was on EBay looking for them when I came across the hat. Usually Square drenches the market with merch (hence the 12 billion DR Aki Ross 12' figures floating around EBay that no one wants.) Seriously though, some sculpts of the Espers would be swell. I totally dig Belias enough to buy him as an action figure. So far all I've seen are really expensive 4 and 6 packs of the main party characters. I know the game just came out, but you would think the Japanese imports would be pouring into the US by now....

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