Thursday, June 29, 2006

Still toeing the line...

I have to admit as much as many pairs of panties I've ruined over Wii announcements, I'm still feeling skeptical about the controller.

It's NOT that I can't handle change. Perhaps it's so much easier than I really think it is. Of course I instantly recall the days when you would actually see another player jerk the controller in the direction that Mario was jumping in, as if somehow it would help. Except now, it COULD help-if the Wii controller will actually enable it with actual physical movement. Exciting thought, Oui? I read recently the attachment is called the "nunchaku", which, under average circumstance, would win my heart over right there and then.

But honestly, this just isn't average circumstance. There's a part of me holding my breath for this machine, and for more reasons than it's spiffy new controller ethics. It seems that Nintendo is hoping for an idea with this system-a re-establishment of a certain kind of game and the gamer that will inevitably follow-and I am hoping to see it come to life. At the same time, I don't want to get myself all worked up and be left hanging. So I must toe the line of healthy hope and sweet, sweet abandon.

Reviews of the controller's actual use have been fairly good so far. The weight sounds acceptable and the movement easy to learn, although some reviewers noted they were gripping the remote too hard. Now, on a personal note, I saw a picture of a guy playing The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess and laughed really hard. He was in a scene where he was supposed to be using a bow and using the 2 parts of the remote to do so. I see in every way how the remote allows you to experience a true simulation of actual archery, and I acknowledge how interesting it is that it allows you to do that. The problem was, the guy looked like an absolute douche. Perhaps as the controller absorbs me into it's immersive universe, I will no longer care whether or not I look like a douche and will merely shoot arrows to my heart's content. I mean, I'm sure I didn't exactly look like a hipster when I was pointing that neon orange gun at my NES screen in 1984. Not to mention what I must have looked like using the little dance pad to play World Track Class Meet.

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