Monday, October 16, 2006


So Faith Naked made a post about pr0n star Liz Vicious playing a videogame where the cameraman zooms in on her panties. Then Kotaku jumped on the wagon, poking fun at Faith for complaining. Of course then I had to watch said video, which is boring as shit even despite the nubile young corruptor stored within. I'd post it here, but I don't want to waste the space, and the kids above have done a fine job of double posting it for me.

It seems to me that Faith has no place bitching about the state of women's sexuality in the game world, considering her last name is Naked and she's well known for posing close to that state on many an occasion. Sorry sister, no empathy for you. Kotakuite Florian Eckhardt admits that the video is boring, but criticizes that the problem is Liz Vicious is a porn star (and that Faith insinuates that being bad for female gamers. ) Good point here. If porn stars are playing games and flaunting their breasts simultaneously, that doesn't make any commentary on video games or women whatsoever. It only makes a comment on the person, and I know I've met a handful of gamer girls who have either stripped or done porn who are cool as hell and I'd happily get into a joystick duel with any day. Liz looks hot but lifeless in said video (amazingly, she achieves this simultaneously-highly recommended for all you necrophiliacs), but on the other hand it isn't like it's a premiere ad in Electronic Gaming Monthly. It's a tidbit floating around YouTube. It seems kind of trivial to get pissed about. Then again, I was bitching about the lameness of naked girls poorly wearing Nintendo accessories in the Nerdcore calendar a few posts ago, so perhaps that's equally trivial. I think most female gamers aware of our status in the electronic universe are struggling with toeing some line between game-love and our own sexuality. Do we get naked in a tangle of controllers (88% of men want to see this), or do we try to actually be ourselves as gamers without intermingling it with sexual potential?

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Unknown said...

I posted my opinion badly on said video and for that I do apologize. I find nothing wrong with gamers being sexual. You wanna pose naked, be my guest.

But the video was a terrible attempt at using video games as a reason to find this girl sexy and it didn't work, because she came off as lame and not like a gamer. Show me a hottie that kicks someones butt at Mortal Kombat or Halo while wearing lingere and then I'll get hot, but this pornstar's attempt to use her lack of gaming skills as a turn on was stupid.

Sure, I posed in my bra and underwear for Dtoid, but at least I'm a real gamer. I post just as many articles as any of the other writers on and the fact that I've posed in sex picture, doesn't change that I'm a good writer. is one to talk anyway, when half their article pick on people. Eliza once posted a nasty comment about a guy's sense of fashion, and yet she wears goth clothes. How does she have the right to make fun of people's clothes, when I'm sure people have made fun of hers.