Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ire provoked

Florian @ Kotaku posted this gem today. He says he's joking. I have a good sense of humor; I don't mind a good picking on. But even after reading the fine print, I think I still need to rant a little bit.

Primary bitch: Unless you are a regular Kotaku reader and know Florian's sense of humor, you could think this post was for real. The disclaimer is in the signature at the bottom, but as we all know, most readers have the attention span of a gnat and most likely will not notice this. I admit to not having realized it was there until my second reading.

Secondary bitch: Maybe Florian doesn't really think like this, but honestly, a lot of male gamers probably do think like this. Newsflash on that topic: The female gamer does not need any more of a spotlight on our status as a minority. In the Kotaku article, this survey is mentioned in which CNET states that 64% of the online gaming population is female. I have a very, very hard time believing this information. Sheri Graner Ray, game design veteran and longtime spokeswoman for female gamers, was quoted as saying ," Most video games are like bad boyfriends--they're too involved with their own male sexuality to even try to crack the female sexual code." With systems like 360 out there (basically the console version of the proverbial stick shift), this image is only further cemented into the consumer consciousness. What is the percent of game designers that don't give a shit if women ever play their games? Someone take THAT fucking survey. As bummed as the results might make me, I'd like to see that.

So it is any shock that I find this survey laughable? I assume it encompasses online games like solitare and Bejeweled. Not that those games or the people that play them are lesser than console games; but the players can hardly be considered a part of the female demographic that spends money on consoles and PC gaming. That demographic only makes up for about 10% of gamers. Ah, here we are-back to square one. (did we ever leave?)

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