Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I have gone out of my mind...

...with desire. I've evolved from not wanting to get one (too clunky! stylus is dumb!) to being swayed a bit by the games (but...Animal Crossing) to really swayed by the release of the DS (oh's so SLEEK) to convinced (Final Fantasy 3! Yay!).
And now, shoved right over the edge, screaming into mad fangirl purgatory until the moment I hold one of these beauties in my trembling little hands.

The Final Fantasy 3 limited edition DS Lite, comemmorating the release of the recreated Final Fantasy 3. Released only in Japan. Signed and numbered. And for a FF freak like myself, the ultimate toy.

I have to have it.

I don't care what I have to do to get it.

I will gladly whore myself out to any cause, falsely befriend any overly shy japanese fanboy, publicly humiliate myself and be seen by millions, beg, borrow, steal or kill.

It wants to be with me and I feel the same about it.

And you know, these types of loves only come once in a lifetime.

I've cast my feelers out to any friends I have that I think could assist in my cause. And I wait with bated breath to see what (if anything) they might be able to do.

It releases on August 29th, and the madness begins. Please lord, help this dweeb reach her holy grail.

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Anonymous said...

i couldnt agree more.