Tuesday, July 18, 2006

To lite or not to lite?

I actually bought the original DS. I had thought about it long enough. And I was tempted by the promise of Animal Crossing. At any rate, when I did get it I was not pleased with the shape or weight and it just felt awkward to me in comparison to my teeny little GBA. Basically, I didn't give it a chance and marched right back to the store and gave it back.
Now, I keep trying to ignore the little twinge I get when I see pics of the brand new DS Lite and it's shiny, slender casing. It's what I think of as IPod syndrome-anything glossy and white and it just pushes my little button somewhere deep in my brain that says YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THAT in a boundless godlike voice. I saw the ads for Zelda and I thought no, no, I won't go buy it. New Super Mario Bros? I don't have to have...that....do...I....ugh. Children of Mana. And then-Final Fantasy 3, redesigned for the DS, was announced. The one major FF game that never came out stateside. Well.....fuck. I wave my little white flag. It's time to admit it-I need the damn DS Lite. The one thing that always sells me on a system is Final Fantasy's presence on it. Now, will it convince me to drop $600 bucks on Sony's psuedo-computer? I've been kind of grumpy in general about Sony's stance on PS3, so I suppose I'll have to see how I feel after it's release. I'll have to whore myself to get the money to get it anyway, so I should probably get started on finessing my blowjob skills now.

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