Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Gayer than a barrel of pink monkeys

Gayer than a barrelful of pink monkeys photo

Since the dawn of time, people have been dutifully hiding their sexuality, whether it be a preference for girls, boys, or large animals averagely used for milking. In the last ten years or so, an interesting cultural development has come up. Being gay (not unlike being a dweeb) is cooler than it used to be. First there was a flouncy character here or there on television: shows like Will and Grace got big. People gasped (but also found themselves mysteriously glued to) Queer as Folk as they portrayed the first graphic male on male sex on television. Now, in bright sunny 2006, superstar game company Rockstar has taken it all one step further in their recent release Bully - offering you the Easter Egg option to make out with other boys in the schoolyard.

Of course, Rockstar is no stranger to controversy. It's hard to upstage yourself after making the first game that allowed you to beat the crap out of prostitutes for fun and profit, but being the great guys that they are, Rockstar found a way. Now, enter the bulk of the gamer demographic: men between the ages of 18-25 who enjoy playing fighting games, racing games and first person shooters. Does that sound like the type of guy that wants to tongue lock another 12 year old boy behind the monkey bars?

On the other hand, bold sites such as Gay Gamer have created fantastic communities that are gay friendly without being gay obsessed. It clearly delineates a strong subsect of gamers and about a billion times that many clashes of opinion on the topic. For a further expansion on where all this madness leads, check out the thoughtful article on Gamasutra linked below. Personally, I love seeing this kind of thing come up in games. Not because I like a good ass plowing once in a while (although that topic may make it to the forums in its own sweet time), but because I simply love to see this industry punch it's way through conventional standards. Having anything remotely gay themed in a video game is brave as hell, and it pisses off a lot of homophobes. I will wave my big pink flag for that anyday.

I feel so loud and proud now. If any girl gamer wants to make out with me, let me know and we'll YouTube that sh*t.

[Via Gamasutra]

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