Monday, November 20, 2006

Game Armageddon in LA!

There are a lot of reasons to love LA (and just as many, I'm sure, to run screaming from it), but this has to be one of my favorites so far. A video game CONCERT? All played by video game BANDS?

A geek-plosion is imminent, complete with messy fluids.

I will be going to check it out, obviously. If you're in LA, you have no excuse not to go rock out at this. If you aren't, I will be writing a full article on it, so expect to see some coverage in the near future.


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Warren Price said...

Have you heard of the band "The Advantage?" They play covers of classic Nintendo games. They have one of the best covers if bubble bobble I’ve ever heard!

I just beat never winter nights this week. I have to say I was very impressed with the music it had an amazing epic, orchestral feel to it.